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New Metals & Chemicals Ltd in

New Metals & Chemicals Ltd
New Metals & Chemicals Ltd
Suppliers of high purity metals, alloys, crucibles, single crystals and sputtering targets. We supply the following metals to R&D laboratories and universities worldwide: Alkaline earths, Aluminium, Aluminium: Granulated , Aluminium: High Purity, Aluminium: Metallic, Aluminium: sheet, Aluminium: foil, Aluminium: ingot, Aluminium:powder, Aluminium: rod, Aluminium: wire, Aluminium: slugs, Chemically Pure, Aluminium Nitride, Aluminium Oxide, Aluminium: single crystal, Aluminium: alloy, Ammonium Metavanadate, Ammonium Molybdate, Ammonium Tungstate, Antimony, Antimony: single crystal, Antimony: ingot, Antimony: lump, Antimony: powder, Antimony: shot, Arsenic, Arsenic trioxide, Barium, Barium:rod, Barium Fluoride, Barium: Metallic, Barium Titanate, Bars: Barium, Bars: Beryllium copper alloy, Beryllium Oxide, Bismuth: granules: Bismuth: powder, Bismuth: lump, Bismuth: rod, Bismuth oxide, Bismuth Metals & Alloys, Boric acid, Boron: amorphous, Boron: crystalline, Boron carbide, Boron nitride, Boron tribromide, Boron trioxide, Brass powder, Cadmium, Cadmium: Granulated , Cadmium: High Purity, Cadmium: Metallic, Cadmium: sheet, Cadmium: foil, Cadmium: ingot, Cadmium:powder, Cadmium: rod, Cadmium: wire, Cadmium: slugs, Chemically Pure, Cadmium Oxide, Cadmium selenide, Cadmium sulphide, Cadmium telluride, Cadmium: single crystal, Cadmium: alloy, Caesium, Ceasium bromide, Ceasium carbonate, Ceasium chloride, Ceasium chromate, Cesium, Calcium Metal, Calcium grain, Calcium boride, Calcium nitride, Electrodes: Carbon, Foil: Carbon, Carbon rod, Castings: Titanium, Ceramic powders (general), Bars: Cerium, rod :Cerium, foil :Cerium, Cerium chloride, Cerium fluoride, Cerium oxide, Chemicals, Chemicals: High Purity, Chemicals: Inorganic, Chemicals: Rare Earth, Chemicals: Specialty, Crystals: Chromium, Foil: Chromium, pieces: Chromium, Chromium: flakes, Chromium: pellets, Chromium: powder, Chromium Boride, Chromium carbide, Chromium nitride, Chromium oxide, Chrome and compounds, Cobalt, flakes: Cobalt, foil: Cobalt, Granular:Copper, Oxygen-Free High Conductivity (OFHC), Powder: Cobalt, Rod: Cobalt, sheet: Cobalt, sponge: Cobalt, wire: Cobalt, Cobalt oxide, Cobalt and compounds, Bars: Columbium, , Foil: Columbium, Bars: Copper, Bar: Copper, foil: Copper, Powder: Copper, Rod: Copper, sheet: Copper, lump: Copper, wire: Copper, Copper oxide, Copper and compounds, Vitreous carbon: Crucibles, Nickel: Crucibles, Inconel: Crucibles, Zirconium: Crucibles, Crystals: Single, Deuterium oxide, Dysprosium, foils: Dysprosium, rod: Dysprosium, Dysprosium chloride, Dysprosium oxide, Bars: Erbium, Foil: Erbium, rod: Erbium, Erbium chloride, Erbium oxide, Europium metal, rod: Europium, foil: Europium, Europium chloride, Europium oxide, foil: Gadolinium, rod: Gadolinium, Gadolinium chloride, Gadolinium oxide, Gallium, Gallium antimonide, Gallium arsenide, Gallium germanium alloys, Gallium oxide, Gallium phosphide, Gallium and compounds, powder: Germanium, rod: Germanium, shot: Germanium, Germanium oxide, disc: Gold, foil: Gold, grain: Gold, powder: Gold, sheet: Gold, wire: Gold, Gold palladium alloy, Gold chloride, powder: Graphite, plate: Graphite, Bars: Hafnium, foil: Hafnium, rod: Hafnium, wire: Hafnium, Hafnium carbide, Hafnium oxide, Hastalloy, foil : Holmium, Bars: Holmium, rod: Holmium, Holmium chloride, Holmium oxide, Bars: Indium, foil: Indium, ingot: Indium, shot: Indium, wire: Indium, Indium antimonide, Indium arsenide, Iodine flakes, Bars: Iridium, Copper, Bar: Iron, chips: Iron, flakes: Iron, foil: Iron, pieces: Iron, powder: Iron, Rod: Iron, sheet: Iron, lump: Iron, wire: Iron, Iron hydroxide, Iron oxide, Iron and compounds, Bars: Lanthanum, foil: Lanthanum, rod: Lanthanum, Lanthanum chloride, Lanthanum fluoride, Lanthanum hexaboride, Lanthanum oxide, Bars: Lead, Foil: Lead, grain: Lead, ingot: Lead, powder: Lead, rod: Lead, sheet: Lead, shot: Lead, wire: Lead, Lead oxide, Lead selenide, Lead telluride, Lead and compounds, Bars: Lithium, Ingot: Lithium, rod: Lithium, Lithium carbonate, Lithium and compounds, foil: Lutetium, pieces: Lutetium, rod: Lutetium, Lutetium oxide, Chips: Magnesium, foil: Magnesium, ingot: Magnesium, rod: Magnesium, Magnesium fluoride, Magnesium oxide, Flakes: Manganese, Powder: Manganese, Manganese oxide, Mercury, Mercury telluride, Mercury Selenide, Bars: Molybdenum, foils: Molybdenum, rod: Molybdenum, powder: Molybdenum, sheet: Molybdenum, wire: Molybdenum, Molybdenum carbide, Molybdenum oxide, Molybdenum sulphide, Molybdenum and compounds, Bars: Neodymium, foil: Neodymium, Neodymium chloride, Neodymium fluoride, Neodymium oxide, Nickel, disc : Nickel, Nickel: High Purity, Metallic : Nickel, sheet :Nickel, foil: Nickel, ingot: Nickel, powder: Nickel, rod: Nickel, wire: Nickel, slugs: Nickel, Chemically Pure, Nickel Oxide, Nickel: single crystal, Nickel: alloy, Nickel and compounds, foil: Niobium, rod: Niobium, powder: Niobium, wire: Niobium, Niobium carbide, Niobium oxide, powder: Osmium, Osmium tetroxide, foil: palladium, powder: palladium, sponge: palladium, wire: palladium, Palladium chloride, red phosphorous, disc: platinum, foil: platinum, ribbon: platinum, sponge: platinum, wire: platinum, Platinum oxide, Potassium, Powdered metals, Bars: Praseodymium, foil: Praseodymium, rod: Praseodymium, Praseodymium chloride, Praseodymium oxide, Precious metals, Rare earths, Foil: Rhenium, Powder: Rhenium, ribbon: Rhenium, wire: Rhenium, Rhenium oxide, Powder: Rhodium, Wire: Rhodium, Rubidium, Powder: Ruthenium, Ruthenium chloride, Ruthenium oxide, Bars: Samarium, Foils: Samarium, rod: Samarium, Samarium chloride, Samarium oxide, foil: Scandium, ingot: Scandium, Scandium oxide, pellets: Selenium, powder: Selenium, Selenium dioxide, Crystals: Silicon, Granule: silicon, Lump: silicon, powder: silicon, Silicon carbide, Silicon dioxide, Silicon monoxide, silicon nitride, disc: silver, grain: silver, pellets: silver, pieces: silver, powder: silver, ribbon: silver, rod: silver, sheet: silver, wire: silver, Silver chloride, Silver oxide, Silver sulphide, Sodium, foil: Stainless steel, sheet:Stainless steel, rod: Stainless steel, wire :Stainless steel, Strontium, Strontium fluoride, Sulphur lump, Single crystals, foil: Tantalum, powder: Tantalum, ribbon: Tantalum, rod: Tantalum, sheet: Tantalum, wire: Tantalum, Tantalum carbide, Tantalum nitride, Tantalum oxide, bar: tellurium, lump: tellurium, powder: tellurium, Tellurium dioxide, foil: Terbium, rod: Terbium, Terbium oxide, rod: Thallium, shot: Thallium, foil: Thulium, pieces: Thulium, Thulium oxide, Bar: tin, foil: tin, powder: tin, rod: tin, sheet: tin, wire: tin, tin oxide, Bar: Titanium, disc: Titanium, foil: Titanium, pieces: Titanium, powder: Titanium, rod: Titanium, slugs: Titanium, sheet: Titanium, wire: Titanium, Titanium boride, Titanium carbide, Titanium hydride, Titanium nitride, Titanium oxide, Titanium silicide, disc: Tungsten, foil: Tungsten, grain: Tungsten, slugs: Tungsten, pieces: Tungsten, powder: Tungsten, ribbon: Tungsten, rod: Tungsten, sheet: Tungsten, wire: Tungsten, Tungsten Rhenium alloy, Tungsten carbide, Tungsten silicide, Tungsten oxide, disc: Vanadium, foil: Vanadium, slugs: Vanadium, turnings: Vanadium, pieces: Vanadium, powder: Vanadium, ribbon: Vanadium, rod: Vanadium, sheet: Vanadium, wire: Vanadium, Vanadium carbide, Vanadium nitride, Vanadium oxide, Foil: Ytterbium, ingots: Ytterbium, Ytterbium chloride, Ytterbium oxide, disc: Yttrium, foil: Yttrium, slugs: Yttrium, pieces: Yttrium, powder: Yttrium, rod: Yttrium, sheet: Yttrium, Yttrium carbide, Yttrium nitrate, Yttrium oxide, foil: zinc, granules: Zinc, ingots: Zinc, powder: Bar: Zirconium, disc: Zirconium, foil: Zirconium, pieces: Zirconium, powder: Zirconium, rod: Zirconium, slugs: Zirconium, sheet: Zirconium, slugs: Zirconium ,tube: Zirconium, wire: Zirconium, Zirconium carbide, Zirconium hydride, Zirconium nitride, Zirconium oxide, Zirconium and compounds

New Metals & Chemicals Ltd
United Kingdom

Contact : John Lindsay
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